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I put your mom back on the thread since she seems to ask the hard questions and has great respect as elder in the community.
I added a few things to the thread we are discussing with AB617 efforts, and Watts Clean Air and Energy Committee .
Getting VCAP as a legitimate process for comprehensive Project Integration with this environmental/social justice narrative is our direction.
Some of this model may end up with the Whitehouse HBCU initiative we are working on with our National Partners.

We, e7, have prepared a Poster, we will be handing out (QR Code link) at Juneteenth Event, in Richmond, explaining this Nexus of Social Justice and Environmental Justice using VCAP.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkkp4qnnmsbu91v/DIGITAL GAIA %2B VCAP%283%29.png?dl=0  Please review if you like.  Narrative at btm was generated with Chat GPT:)

Update on a comprehensive IOT system for LA County "Just Transition Model" (LA County Effort) Toxic Release Inventory aligned to AQMD South Los Angeles Efforts with engagement under AB617

Regarding AB 617  See link above.  One of 7 EV corridors in USA with Department of Energy funding.  You see LACI is there. (LADWP Innovation Lab). This is a connection point to the Port of LA and Infrastructure Bill.   MARC Middle America Regional Council is managing a similar value Planning Grant with an Infrastructure Bill project titled BiState Corridor.  We must be vigilant to make sure we know what each State is Doing and Each County for our Justice 40 opportunity.

We know the electric buses are already delivered to Long Beach like they were delivered in Kansas City.  No Charging infrastructure yet.  I will assume this is like when LAUSD handed out all the Apple iPads and did not have a "network to operate them".  Bringing the conversation to the MAAS document  Mobility as a Service.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/nks7hfu724cgr7c/maas-feasibility-white-paper-0722.pdf?dl=0  This written by SCAG the other Association of Governments.
Using the technology as per MAAS document so others can plug into the API
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Awesome. I went to a meeting at the Beehive on Friday. Space was nice. The EPA was there. I connected with the Brownfield rep for EPA and the very young Sustainability person for the site. I mentored him and see the deficit. Will try to set up a meeting with Moe, I guess the person over programming. It was very interesting. Martha c Segura was there and made sure she stayed far away. Lol. 
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As per AB617 meeting.  Looking for best practice.
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