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Challenge Format:
    1. Registration: Interested participants must register for the competition by providing their contact information and a brief summary of their coding experience. The registration deadline will be announced beforehand.
    2. Development Phase: Once registered, participants will have a specified time period to develop their AI module for Odoo. They can use any programming language, AI framework, or tools of their choice as long as the module is compatible with Odoo.
    3. Submission: Participants must submit their completed AI module along with relevant documentation, installation instructions, and any additional requirements for testing and evaluation. The submission deadline will be communicated to the participants.
    4. Evaluation: A panel of judges, comprising AI experts and Odoo professionals, will evaluate the submitted modules based on various criteria, including functionality, innovation, performance, usability, and code quality.
    5. Announcement of Winners: The winners will be announced based on the evaluation results. Prizes will be awarded to the top-ranked participants, and their AI modules will receive recognition within the Odoo community.

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