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Installing Portainer to the Raspberry Pi

In this guide, we will show you how to install Portainer to your Raspberry Pi. Portainer is a lightweight and open-source container management tool.

Installing Docker, Portainer, Nginx Proxy Manager

Portainer is a container management application that runs in docker. This is a good start with running multiple applications in one operating system environment.

Business & Enterprise

Transforming the deep design of business to enable regenerative and distributive action.

How to Make a Visual Novel Game in 10 Minutes – Python Ren'Py Tutorial

The freeCodeCamp community just dramatically expanded our Learn to Code RPG video game. Learn to Code RPG is an interactive visual novel game where you teach yourself to code, make friends in the tech industry, and pursue your dream of working as a developer. The game features a quirky cast of characters, a charming cat, and more than 1,000 computer science quiz questions. While working as a developer in the game, you can unlock more than 50 achievements and 6 different endings. You can play the game on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. I enjoyed working with Lynn, KayLa, and Nielda on this all year long. We're excited to get it to you in time for the holidays. Enjoy. (full-length video game):

Odoo Website Builder

Videos to watch to know how to use the Odoo website builder.


Create your own New Odoo Events Website Hosted by Odoo for Free for Life

Advanced Distributed Learning (aDL)

This a place to follow on Advance Distributed Learning