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Docker Hub TurnkeyLinux Apps

1. Browse links (below) for each of the apps

     note: some are 2 years old but should be forked and updated.

     Reference the current http://turnkeylinux.org/ versions 

2. Select 2+ apps that you want to explore. 

3. Declare which ones you have selected. email: kmw@caltek.net

4. Install http://portainer.io

5. Invite me to a chat so we can discuss your selection and so I can provide any specifics with respect to the processes which includes app configuration.

6. Be invited to join slack and github

7. Get each of the 2+ apps installed on your local machine

8. Join slack and github to document the 2+ apps with the rest of the team.

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eCom to CMS


Serious web publishing for cultural collections
 Issue tracking | Messaging


Web Management for
non-profit food cooperatives


Course Management System


Crowd Sourcing Crisis Information


Electronic portfolio and
social networking


TurnKey Development Toolchain and Build System

TKLDev is the mother of all TurnKey apps. 

Works With


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Backup & Migration

Secure and easy server backups to Amazon S3. Automatically restore servers from backups.

Test backups in the cloud.

Cloud Servers

Rapidly explore and deploy 100+ free server apps in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Only a browser required.