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Are Linux Commands Powerful?

We find Linux to be great!

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Participants will learn to know/access system features of LINUX Desktops, Servers and Cloud APPS, they want to use. Be able to select from a list and do a LINUX install of distros located on both http://turnkeylinux.org AND http://distrowatch.com


Kenneth Wyrick

Kenneth Wyrick

I’m moderate on extroversion. In today's workplace, this puts me in the middle regarding this sought-after trait. Introducing myself, meeting different people and being part of a team are OK for me; I'm not perceived as shy. While I do not crave the opportunity to lead meetings or initiate contact with unfamiliar people, I can do it if asked. My personal network is of average size. Generally, though not always, others can read my emotions and know where I stand. I’ll achieve greatest success in jobs -- such as healthcare, legal work, consumer research and quality control -- that offer a mixture of people-contact and solo activity. Areas of expertise and Interest developing: community educational websites, producing: multi-media presentations, fostering: community awareness collaborations, facilitating: events fundraising and fine art curatorial services consulting, teaching: teachers and mentors computer software applications, My service area is California. My passion is Arts & Teknowledgy. I'm a retired,Fine Arts Conservator, Information Communications Teknowledgist, Afro-Geek, Black Speculitive Artist for Advanced Distributed Learning, in a mobile XQ Super School https://caltek.net/funkadelic , prince, jimmy hendrix, Luther, the dells,johnny gil,bob marley, dr john, classical, trumpet, piano stanley clarke, etc.

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