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Dear Mike, My name is Kenneth [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 12/16/2018 17:59:44

Dear Mike,

My name is Kenneth M. Wyrick 
I do Digital Divide ICT throughout California: 
With a goal of establishing a California Regional eRider Network
based on: http://www.picounion.net/eden/default/download/doc_document.file.8b2e185ae1f4bdfe.6552696465725f737461727465725f6b69745f562e315f333030365f7765622e706466.pdf

i'm conducting research (keyword searchers) and planning for the development of new community advocacy that aligns with government policy for:
Agri-Aqua-Cultures in South Central Los Angeles.

As a BOD of The WECAN Foundation
http://wecanf.net @ 501(c)3 non-profit
I am tasked with doing research to find Agri-Aqua-Cultures, knowledge based consortiums, that support infrastructure, mapping, geo-spatial conservation sensors with frameworks that layer and prioritize standards of reversibility, taxonomy nomenclatures and systems data interoperably that results in real-time, networked data visualizaition transparency of localized user centric health and safty concerns.

I'm the California Community Coordinator with 
http://inunison.org which was formerly known as 
World Peace One (WPO)

WPO is 1 of 3 Agencies in Los Angeles, CA
listed on the http://theodi.org map as

World Peace One
City: Los Angeles
Country: 213
Website: http://worldpeaceone.com

While the World Peace One webiste, is still there 
we changed our name to:

also, FYI, some time in 2019 InUnison will become: 

i came across theodi from using 
which led me to 

Global Open Data

Partners...3 in LA

Global Oncology Academy
City: Pasadena
Country: 213
Website: http://www.globaloncologyacademy.org/en/

Davis Trade & Commodities
City: Los Angeles
Country: 213
Website: http://www.dtcint.com/www.dtcint.com/

World Peace One
City: Los Angeles
Country: 213
Website: http://worldpeaceone.com

i also came across:
then to you

I�m moderate on extroversion.
http://rhsrider.net Roosevelt HS Alumni Foundation
http://wecanf.net  WECAN Foundation