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Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/10/2018 21:37:54
Black Lab Enterprise Server

A big change we made was to Black Lab Core and Black Lab HPC.  Black Lab Core becomes Black Lab Enterprise Server.  BLES is a completely dedicated server platform that allows you to build your system up and out and allows you to install any server or desktop applications you want.  This release contains NO multimedia codecs, no desktop software at all.  This system is suitable for clustering, advanced networking and is a great cloud hosting environment.  You can run OwnCloud, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Docker and Oracle and IBM's web offerings.  It can also serve in a more traditional sense, Web, Database, application server, as well as terminal services.  The feature list is as follows:

kernel 4.13.0-32
DWM alternative tiling window manager
Cockpit  system administration
OpenJDK 8
SSH, client and server

You can download Black Lab Enterprise Server here