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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/01/2019 03:08:44

Kenneth Wyrick
7:27 PM (40 minutes ago)
to Ad, robin

Hi Arlise,

Thank you for following up by sending an email, as we discussed, yesterday.
 I just happen to be here, at the TAMuseum, enjoying the lush, computer lab environment.
I created a page today:  https://caltek.net/aeronautical-museum
I also completed the online volunteer application, today

Hi Mr. Petgrave,
I am following up with you on our brief conversation were I volunteered to work with you on STEAM funding strategies, directly related to putting the next stages of your Distance Learning Facility.
Arlise and I have become associates during our most recent travels (together) to Nigeria. Arlise is prepared to provide her professional grant writing expertise. We know this expertise needs to include, knowing the particulars of funding opportunities. In Arlise's case she has, while maintaining ethical relations, let me know she has personally vetted the two funding opportunities she listed in this email. 

FYI, Arlise's rate she starts @ $600/grant. While I have yet to go through the grant writing process, I feel confident that she has the expertise to engage in this process.

Arlise I was going through the TAMuseum website and want to point out the following programs:
Consisting of two core program components – Aviation Explorers Post 409 and Fly to Success STEM Academy
https://www.tamuseum.org/what-we-do/positive-vibrations/   outreach
https://www.tamuseum.org/flare/   Future Leaders of Advanced Rocket Engineering