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Vincent, Could you update the [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/16/2020 01:20:09


Could you update the scale-av-cutter.herokuapp.com for SCALE 18x.
The videos for SCALE17x are all in a DONE state. I've dumped the JSON. 
(See attached zip archive.)

After this has been updated for SCALE18x, we will have to go through as
admin (password: test_admin) to map each room/day stream to a YouTube
video id. 

Then I'll post an email to scale-av mailing list to ask people to edit.

Kenneth,  thanks for completing the reviews. If you can share your github username,
Ilan can invite you to the socallinuxexpo org on GitHub and add you to the scale-av team.

The scale-av-cutter repo is visible to the scale-av team.  Vincent
has done a great job of documenting how to stand things up in the README.MD