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SCALE AV Cutter A webapp to st [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/15/2020 20:05:45


A webapp to streamline the cutting of full-day room streams into individual talks

Source code: https://github.com/socallinuxexpo/scale-av-cutter
Access level: Reviewer
(DONE) Thursday, Ballroom A
(DONE) Thursday, Ballroom B
(DONE) Thursday, Room 101
(NO VID) Thursday, Room 103
(NO VID) Thursday, Room 104
(NO VID) Thursday, Room 105
(DONE) Thursday, Room 106
(DONE) Thursday, Room 107
(NO VID) Thursday, Room 209
(NO VID) Thursday, Room 211
(NO VID) Thursday, Room 212
(DONE) Friday, Ballroom A
(DONE) Friday, Ballroom B
(DONE) Friday, Ballroom C
(NO VID) Friday, Ballroom DE
(DONE) Friday, Ballroom F
(DONE) Friday, Room 101
(NO VID) Friday, Room 103
(NO VID) Friday, Room 104
(NO VID) Friday, Room 105
(DONE) Friday, Room 106
(DONE) Friday, Room 107
(NO VID) Friday, Room 209
(NO VID) Friday, Room 211
(NO VID) Friday, Room 212
(DONE) Saturday, Ballroom A
(DONE) Saturday, Ballroom B
(DONE) Saturday, Ballroom C
(NO VID) Saturday, Ballroom DE
(DONE) Saturday, Ballroom F
(NO VID) Saturday, Ballroom G
(DONE) Saturday, Ballroom H
(DONE) Saturday, Room 101
(DONE) Saturday, Room 103
(DONE) Saturday, Room 104
(NO VID) Saturday, Room 105
(DONE) Saturday, Room 106
(DONE) Saturday, Room 107
(DONE) Saturday, Room 212
(DONE) Sunday, Ballroom A
(DONE) Sunday, Ballroom B
(DONE) Sunday, Ballroom C
(NO VID) Sunday, Ballroom DE
(DONE) Sunday, Ballroom F
(DONE) Sunday, Ballroom G
(DONE) Sunday, Ballroom H
(DONE) Sunday, Room 101
(DONE) Sunday, Room 103
(DONE) Sunday, Room 104
(NO VID) Sunday, Room 105
(DONE) Sunday, Room 106
(DONE) Sunday, Room 107
(DONE) Sunday, Room 211
(DONE) Sunday, Room 212