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Hi all, Today, we picked up ou [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/04/2020 20:11:44

Hi all,

Today, we picked up our stuff from storage and have mostly setup the A/V NOC.  We have also deployed the tripods to nearly all the rooms to mark where we intend the cameras to be placed.  Thank you to MPS, Caleb, Kenneth, Jess, Starch, Gilbert, Lori.  The Tech team has setup the network and we have wifi and Internet access.

If you are planning on helping out on Wednesday, lets me know around what time you will be available so we can plan accordingly.  On the day-of, you can text me at 626-689-0786.

The plan for Wednesday is as follows:

Volunteers needed mostly in afternoon/evening to deploy/setup rooms.  Some volunteers needed during the day to prepare and stage.  Veteran volunteers will be testing and configuring the new SCALE A/V boxes and working on the monitoring system.  Thanks to Vincent, we have about 2/3rds of a post-processing system.  If there are enough people, we can test it on SCALE 17x.

We begin at 10am and traditionally end late.  There is hot water and I have lots of instant coffee and tea.  Please bring a reusable covered coffee cup.

We will be in conference center, room 204.  Check Parkopedia for best parking options.   If you want to be reimbursed, keep your receipt.  Ilan handles reimbursements, so you would send it to him after SCALE.


Please make sure you are on the scale-av mailing list and/or on Slack.  It is easier to coordinate activities with an email blast to the mailing list.

 - scale-av mailing list.  Pre-SCALE communications.  We monitor that mailing list during the conference for problem reports.

 - Slack.  We monitor that during the conference for problem reports.  (We may need to invite you if you don't already have an account.)

 - radio.  Main way we communicate within our team and with other teams.

- email.  I will communicate volunteer logistics via email, usually on a nightly basis so you know what the schedule is the next day.


3/3 (Wed) - All day and night.  Stage to deploy hardware to all rooms and test.  We need to schedule around other teams doing setup.  We need the most volunteers in afternoon, evening to make sure all the equipment is deployed and rooms are tested before the conference starts.

3/4 (Thu) - 4 rooms are in use.  This is good time for training and to continue working on anything we didn't finish on Wed.  But the beginning of the conference is usually when we need to troubleshoot a lot of issues.

3/5 (Fri) - 12 rooms are in use.  Exhibit hall will open in early afternoon.  Bad Voltage Live show starts at 7pm.  Majority of volunteers will be available on this day. 

3/6 (Sat) - 14 rooms in use.  Keynote.  Upscale at 8pm.  Game Night 8pm-10pm.

3/7 (Sun) - 16 rooms in use.  Keynote.  Prep for teardown as soon as room is no longer used.  We need th most volunteers around 4pm to 8pm to teardown, pack up, and take our equipment back to storage.

Let me know if you have questions.

Lan Dang
A/V Volunteer Wrangler