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hardware options sounds good. [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 02/26/2018 18:41:10

hardware options sounds good. 

The pods would be better attended if it were in a room/booth in the main hall instead of being stuck in the far corner of the other building.

Does anyone know other volunteer that are willing to come, do the pods and then others that would come, learn what to do and help with the pods throughout Saturday? 

The time goes pretty fast but it's nice to be able to take a walk.

i also have 5+ olpcs that can be used to introduce them to the sugar environment with an option for them to sugarize there own computer.

if people have thumbdrives we can teach them how to make them bootable with an iso also they will know where and how to get the iso off of the internet.
i'm considering the amount of time each person plans to stay at each pod. I plan to ask at least four (4) questions:

1. What do you know about Linux? ______________________________
2. What do you want to do with Linux? _________________________
3. Have you ever installed Linux?  Y / N 
  a. If so which distro did you use._______________
4. How much time do you have or want to spend on this pod?
  a. 5-10 min.         _______
  b. 10-15 min.        _______
  c. more than 15 min. _______

On Mon, February 26, 2018 9:57 am, Lan Dang wrote:
Great.  Regarding the laptops -- I think the LA Makerspace are meant to
connect to the Internet and are used for Scratch and MInecraft
programming.  I don't know the specs and don't know if you can install
Linux -on- them.

A/V might have shuttle computers we can co-opt with monitors and
keyboard/mice from Tech.  I will have to ask.

I have an old Dell laptop and an eeePC that you are welcome to install
Linux on.  I can ask my LUG if anyone can lend us computers to install
Linux on.


On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 9:41 AM, pna@rrww.org <ssh@ns70.com> wrote:
> Hello all and Thank you much!
> Q1.:  no preference about linen.
> Q2.: 4 laptops would be fine...Yes, am able "to set it up and run it for
> TNGP."
> . representative icon: <soon to follow here...currently making it>
> . title: <How to make an App.>
> . brief blurb for the pod:
> <Learn using Javascript: also on the server-side and not only on the client-side. >
> My name, informal: Pierre Armani
> My name, formal: PN Armani MBA.
> More:
> during the conference time, we could use a dozen or so "8gig (themed or
> not) USB drives"
> On 2018-02-25 11:38, Kenneth Wyrick wrote:
> Yes 8gig usb thumbdrives work fine. i will update the iso images that i
> use. A day or so before would be fine. Where could I pick them up from?
> Are there 5 laptops available to install linux? Also, does anyone have
> an 8core or more server we can borrow for the day. I can install kvm which
> would allow us to install virtual servers using the same iso images from
> the cockpit and virt-manager. I may also be able to get some help
> setting up docker or LXC. This would setup a dual purpose where not only can we
> teach people to use it but  for me to learn how to set them up.
> I have a server I can bring if no one else has one we can borrow.
> On Sat, February 24, 2018 10:40 pm, Lan Dang wrote:
> Hi Kenneth, Pierre,
> I'm trying to finalize the pods enough to update the flyer and the room
> layout, so I would appreciate it if you could answer the three questions
> below by Monday.
> But it would also be nice to have a meeting or Google Hangout with both
> of  you, so we can settle any questions or concerns.
> 1) Kenneth, Pierre, We are aiming to have round tables for the pods,
> because we can fit 4 stations or 8 kids.  Do you have a preference to
> whether we have linen on the tables, or do you want them to be bare? 
> One of the pod leaders thought the laptops might be slippery on the linen.
> 2) Pierre, we can get you 4 laptops for your pod.  Will you be able to
> set it up and run it for TNG Playground?  If so, could you give us a title,
> a representative icon, and a brief blurb for the pod?  See the flyer for
> examples from other pods.
> http://bit.ly/2018_TNGPlayground
> 3) Kenneth, LA Makerspace has 8gig Minion-themed USB drives that were
> donated to them.  Do  you think that is large enough for your purposes?
> When would you need them by?
> Thanks,
> Lan

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