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Joe Sandoval, alumnus sends th [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/24/2018 16:34:37

Joe Sandoval, alumnus sends this to you:
         Fellow           Rough Riders,          It was a           bitter
sweet night tonight knowing that this would be the last          
concert in our old auditorium at Roosevelt. Saw so many old      
    classmates from back in the good old days. Also saw a lot of 
         musicians that I used to manage or book as an agent. All
in           all it was a great concert and everybody kicked ass
on stage tonight.          Click on           this link to view
the stuff I shot:
The site is unlocked so feel free to           download, print or
post on any and all social media you may           choose. Until
we meet again in 3 years at the brand new           building and
auditorium. God bless you all.