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pi@box:~ $ sudo iiab-diagnosti [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/13/2020 18:15:09

pi@box:~ $ sudo iiab-diagnostics

Gathers IIAB diagnostics into 1 file, to accelerate troubleshooting.  USAGE:

   sudo iiab-diagnostics                                # USE 'sudo' FOR MORE
   sudo iiab-diagnostics PATH/FILE1 PATH/FILE2 ...      # COMPLETE RESULTS !!

Can you provide a short public nickname: (no spaces!) test1

Compiling diagnostics...

  0. Filename Header + Git Hashes + Raspberry Pi Model + OS

  1. Files Specially Requested: (from "iiab-diagnostics PATH/FILE1 PATH/FILE2")

  2. Regular Files:


  3. Content of Directories: (1-level deep)


  4. Output of Commands:

     uname -a  # Linux kernel
     free  # RAM memory
     lscpu  # CPU details
     df -h  # Disk usage
     lsblk  # Partition mount points
     blkid  # Mount point details
     ip addr  # Network interfaces
     ifconfig  # Network interfaces (old view)
     brctl show  # Bridge for LAN side
     netstat -rn  # Routing table
     sudo netstat -natp  # Ports/Services in use
     systemctl status dnsmasq  # Is dnsmasq Ok?
     sudo journalctl -u dnsmasq  # dnsmasq log
     env  # Environment variables

  5. Firewall Rules:

     sudo iptables-save  # Firewall rules

  6. Log Files: (last 100 lines of each)


COMPLETE! Your diagnostics file (76K, 1489 lines) is:


Publish it to a web pastebin? [Y/n] y

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  release = platform.linux_distribution()[0].lower()
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