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- 05/26/2019 17:16:19



The Polling Unit Ambassadors Nigeria is a socio-political group that encourages good governance in our society and interface between the electorate and the political office seekers by educating and mobilizing eligible voters to vote with a focus.

The Polling Unit Ambassadors Nigeria is designed to drive a new innovation; they will encourage party supremacy with a view to helping candidates to function strictly in line with party manifesto. This platform serves to rejuvenate and rebrand as a party that is responsive to the yearning of the electorate.Taking power realistically back to the People. The Polling Unit Ambassadors is committed to mobilizing and supporting all progressive and non-progressive eligible voters with PVC by purposefully redirecting their aspirations in pursuant of common interest to economy, credible and accountable leadership, come 2019 and beyond.

The Polling Unit Ambassador Nigeria also encourages more than 30 million Nigerians who are eligible voters with PVC, but abstain from the electoral process and support the PVC collection of Nigerians who’s PVC is still with the electoral body INEC.

Nigerians are now conscious of the various vices that have bedeviled the development of electioneering process and thereby impede progress of our country. The resolve to challenge these vices and their agents, has given birth to this project ‘THEPOLLING UNIT AMBASSADORS NIGERIA’.
It is very pertinent, after analyzing the recent socio-political atmosphere in lieu of agitations across the country that created vulnerability of our electorates especially the youths, to have a strategic platform that can organize a peaceable atmosphere that will promote good governance by getting massive masses involvement in political processes, government decisions and policy formulation.

The Polling Unit Ambassadors is structured with a grassroots mobilizing mechanism which effectively works with at least five (5) Polling unit Ambassadors in each of the about 119,973 INEC approved accredited polling units across the 774 local government areas in Nigeria. This action of mass mobilization brings to bear the socio political development of our immediate society/community with a goal oriented purpose, through the instrumentality of team work and due diligence, thereby electing credible candidates into elective positions and hold them accountable for their actions or in-actions.
The Polling Unit Ambassadors will collaborate with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Civil Society Organization and other socio-political groups to ensure enhanced, credible elections and voting system in this advanced political dispensation.

The Polling Unit Ambassadors shall analytically adopt a model to identify issues and garner support from the electorates to rebuild, reconstruct and reconcile the people with the ownership spirit.