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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/21/2018 17:18:45

if you have time please do a first pass at installing .LRN and then po. if you want me to do it, i will, 

i do, absolutely, appreciate and so so need to do this. i promise to be faithful to you and do all i can to protect and nourish our, not even wk old communications. 

thank you from my heart. timing is everything, i love it to be, for me now, since we found each other, in hope, i live with my LRN.po.odoo at some point.

oh! we also need http://turnkeylinux.org/LDAP

oh! i also need you to claim or create an account on the first instance, please. that for me can become the core of the caltek.net operation. did you see the ctn logo, yet?

hope you are doing great!
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