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Hi Iuri, the following is all [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/19/2018 19:34:12

Hi Iuri,

the following is all yours.

OS:        Debian-8.8-64bit 
IP Address:
Hostname: Not Assigned  
2 CPU:        3%
4096MB RAM: 0%

Server ID: 255097420
Installed: 04/17/2018
Login:           root
IP Address:
Password: pE9EveGA2e
Run Mode: Safe

I just gave you all permission on the http://caltek.net since you are familiar with ]po[. my objective is to be able to install ]po[ and odoo. 
configure e-mail for notification

configure self register or automated join buttons

configure backup and restore

they both use postgresql so we want to have a stand-a-lone cluster of 2 or more that they both use at some point...for now they each have their own on the same instances. 

compare the features of both erp, etc so we have a good idea what we can propose for specific system requirements.

use the project managers in our daily collaborations.
On Thu, April 19, 2018 10:15 am, Iuri Sampaio wrote:
Hi Kenneth,

Yes. Definitely I can help you out, installing ]po[.

Regarding the registration steps, I’ve done what you mentioned. I’ve
registered on odoo.com too.
My account info is: Iuri Sampaio, iuri@iurix.com

Let me know what are the next steps. I’m looking forward to hear from you

Best wishes,
Iuri Sampaio

> On Apr 19, 2018, at 02:13, Kenneth Wyrick <kmw@caltek.net> wrote:
> Dear: Iuri Sampaio
> Your Comments: Hello there, I'm surprised that I found you guys working
> with OACS, .LRN and ]po[. I'm really interested in the position. Is the
> position available for international's. I'm available to move to L.A. in
> case I get selected.
> Best wishes, Iuri Sampaio +55 11 99889 6571 Skype: iurisampaio
> So it looks like you are in brazil. I am glad you found us. I first
> worked
> with Naviserver in 1989 as the http was coming into being. I was the
> community organizer for Navipress in Santa Barbara.
> Lately, I've only use http://project-open.com which I need to get
> installed again on hosted provisioning. I have a vm ready to run on our
> local machines but the ISP keeps blocking it after a month or so of it
> being up for the last 2 years.
> So, I invested in hosted provisioning on black friday, Nov 2017. that's
> where I had ]po[ installed but i messed around and something happened to
> it, so it's not there now but I'm pretty confident it can be installed.
> Is
> installing ]po[ something I can get you to do with me?
> I love ]po[ and have had my own instances of it since 2008 or so.
> So, for now please goto: http://caltek.net
> Click on Log In
> Click on Do not hava and account?
> Fill in the registration form
> Email me when it's done, so I can promote your privileges
> fyi, the caltek.net is running http://odoo.com with the
> http://open-educat.org module so this is both erp and lms which aligns
> with oacs and .lrn.
> --