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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/11/2020 23:26:14

Neighborhood Council Election Work Group Meeting Notes

Piper Technical Center

555 Ramirez Street, Space 300, Los Angeles, 90012
Thursday, February 20, 2020

Brian Allen: Granada Hills North Cindy Cleghorn: Sunland-Tujunga
Clint Birdsong: Greater Cypress Park Doranne Jung: Silver Lake
Elizabeth Wright: Venice Jaime Rabb: Voices of 90037
Kelly Cole: Greater Toluca Lake Ken Walsh: Eagle Rock
Kenneth Wyrick: Pico Union Laurence Leisten: Bel Air-Beverly Crest
Mark F. Mauceri: Los Feliz Noel Gould: Costal San Pedro
Rachael Rose Luckey: Rampart Village Ron Ziff: Sherman Oaks
Robin Doyno: Mar Vista, Venice, and Palms Tucker Carney: Greater Wilshire
Glenn Bailey: Northridge East, Encino, and Chatsworth Tyler Laferriere: Mar Vista, Palms
Brad Kane: PICO Lisa Miller: Valley Village
Mark F. Mauceri: Los Feliz Samantha Burg: Empowerment Congress North
Steven Bae: Wilshire Center- Koreatown Tamra Johnson: Venice
Wendell Greer: Mid City Yolanda Davis-Overstreet: West Adams
Bylaw Revision
The work group was provided examples of areas where there can be improvements when amending bylaws. The Clerk’s office stated each Neighborhood Council (NC) is unique and bylaws are reflective of that. However, the Clerk's office would like to suggest that each NC try to use language that is clear, concise, and consistent when creating the bylaws. This not only makes it easier for stakeholders to run as candidates and vote, but it also helps the Clerk's office conduct NC elections more efficiently.
Some examples discussed were:

 Articles V and X are used to administer the elections and Attachment B is a supportive
attachment, but should match the Articles in the bylaws. A suggestion was made to
include the Article reference points in Attachment B.
 Using the same descriptions for board seats in Article V and Attachment B of bylaws.
 Using the same titles for internal boundaries in Article III and on the NC map.
 Consistency with phrases such as self-affirmation vs documentation.
The work group provided some suggestions for amending bylaws including the following:

 Bylaw status should be communicated directly to all NCs, including issues or if the bylaws
do not need revision. DONE and Clerk's office should urge NCs to remedy bylaws prior to
the next election.

Neighborhood Council Reforms
There are recommendations in the Neighborhood Council System Reforms.
In December 2018, the Health, Education and Neighborhood Council System included a key reform regarding the definition for a community interest stakeholder. The proposed definition will tighten the stakeholder qualifications to include only those with provable vested interest in the community. NC’s may
and are encouraged to expand this definition by amending their bylaws to include other defined groups
of stakeholders that conform to the above definitions.
In October 2019, the Council voted to implement a uniform minimum voting age of 16 for voters and a
minimum age of 18 for board members. This reform does not apply if there is a youth seat, youth board
members can be younger than 18. If Council adopts this change by August 2020, then we must adopt the
changes before qualifying stakeholders.
Bylaw Review
The workgroup made suggestions to insure all bylaw reviews are made aware to DONE in a timely manner.
Some suggestions from the workgroup included:
 Bylaw changes should be scheduled before BONC meeting.
 Stagger the deadline of bylaw amendments in accordance to the NC’s election schedule
 Coordinate the DONE bylaw review process
 Clerk to meet with Neighborhood Council in advance of election.