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Hi Iuri, Email, for me is too [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/26/2018 18:12:39

Hi Iuri,

Email, for me is too hard to reference. What I'd like to do is to establish an install process for each instance we have. For now I will jump between the 3 different installs. 

Would you say ]po[ is your first choice? I would be more than happy to focus more on using it as the primary development platform for you and I. 

I figure the .LRN is not being developed much, now. My fascination with .lrn is how it maps communities and classes with their own users, calendar, photo-albums, file-storage, notification, xowiki, etc based on a folder structure hierarchy.

I like each of the 3 systems for different reasons. The odoo is comprehensive and I'm still learning how content integrates across the apps. On the current caltek.net it will not  let us create more than one company, the mail seems to be configured but I am not sure how to get notification for user registration, etc.

Creating our own, annotated copy of each installation documentation would allow me to go thru and do it myself. Typically, there are one or more commands that do not work as documented, that's why i say annotated. This starts with the initial install of the OS and goes through the configuration of email, etc.

Please help me outline a process that we use to do each of the different installs. Since the OS and installs change, our documentation will be a snapshot in time. I realize the cloudatcost locks us into older OS distros. I'm also hoping to designate a couple instances that are specifically for on-going installs and testing once we get odoo migrated and the polrn to where I can use if inconjuntion with the po and lrn instances. I'm wondering if it would be good for us to have postgres in it's own instance, even though I want to be able to install the whole system on one instance? I'm trying to talk about the options and have you and i come up with a plan.  

If you think you can get the lxc instance working, that would be best for me. I need to understand how to setup a local turnkeylinux.org/lxc as well. But if you think the lxc will not happen on cloudatcost then we can plan to migrate the caltek.net odoo to an instance with more core and memory but like you pointed out, we have not been able to work out the backup and restore, yet. i do plan to work on this, this week.

I want to be able to replicate installations which I plan to use for workshops in September.  lxc and or kvm hostng is needed for the workshop, as well. I can do the kvm pretty good but lxc has not worked for me, yet. 

On Tue, June 26, 2018 8:43 am, Iuri Sampaio wrote:
Hi Kenneth,

We’ve documented it through our email. Indeed, we must find the platform
to better illustrate and achieve these tasks.  ]po[ would be a good place
to do so. I agree. Even though, what about ODOO. It seems much more user
friendly for those content management scenarios

It’s up to you.

> On Jun 25, 2018, at 00:10, Kenneth Wyrick <kmw@caltek.net> wrote:
> Hi Iuri,
> Have you documented what has been done anywhere? I'd very much like to
> coordinate the particulars, in a way that they can be referenced. I'm up
> for using tutortronics caltek or litli what about you? What would be
> willing to use?
> On Sun, June 24, 2018 4:26 pm, Iuri Sampaio wrote:
> Hi Kenneth,
>> On Jun 24, 2018, at 17:03, Kenneth Wyrick <kmw@caltek.net> wrote:
>> Hi Iuri,
>> Let me know if you have been able to install another odoo with data
>> from
>> the current caltek.net?
> Yes, we have figured out the installation. Although, importing the
> current
> data into the new one has showed a few issues, which we're still pending
> to solve.
>> Where do we stand with turnkeylinux.org/lxc? if need be i can create
>> several 1gig 1cpu and install them individually.
> After the issues we have got booting up Clouatcosts VMs, related
> hardware
> virtualization, I haven’t tried to install LXC again
>> i hope you are doing great!
> Indeed, I have lots to catch up. June has been a busy month.
> Best wishes,
> I