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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/31/2021 22:22:41

Dorothy Pirtle

12:49 PM (2 hours ago)

to John, Michael, me
Hello Michael, Kenneth, and John - 

The City of Los Angeles has a new Neighborhood Council (NHC) Data Liaison program. Since an Empowerment Congress Southwest Area Neighborhood Development Council (ECSWANDC) plan does not exist, the NHC is pioneering the city's first constituent powered strategy. 

I have created a geospatial product that assembles layers of intergovernmental information - including funding. It is called a capacity map. Addressing food deserts in South Central Los Angeles NHC via the establishment of farmers' markets and food cooperatives are my first demonstrations. The We Can Foundation sponsored Leimert Park Farmers' Market (LPFM) is the first trial.

The 2004 Crenshaw Corridor Specific Plan (CCSP) per its appendix, is specific to administrative, commercial, industrial, residential, pedestrian and transit oriented projects along the corridor between (one city block north) Adams and (a quarter city block south) Florence and includes noncontiguous Marlton Square. CCSP does not include any of the aforementioned needs of historically Black South Central Los Angeles neighborhoods including Hyde Park, Leimert Park, Vermont Knolls, Vermont Square, View Park, and more.

What is your suggestion regarding the West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert (WABHL) CEQA? The meeting notice you shared is dated 12/21/16. FYI - An April 2018 Final Environmental Impact Report Addendum for the WABHL Community Plan is also available. 

Slate-Z, Los Angeles County Measure J, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and other intersectional compliments are part of what I have been working on converging for over a decade. 

I too am interested in a project base system. 

South Central NHC's must be meaningfully connected to Los Angeles Community College campuses that are primary educators of their constituents (LATTC/LASC/WLA), LAUSD secondary schools (Manual Arts, Jefferson, Washington Prep & other high schools), and community college campus alliances for the VCAP to . I belong to the LACCD Black Faculty, Staff, and Student Alliance. I am familiar with the VCAP Plan. South Central community resident input and alignment with the California Master Plan for Higher Education must also be included in the VCAP framework. 
When shall we meet?

- dorothy