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Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Learn more about VA Small and Veteran Business Programs. Access information and resources on government procurements, subcontracting, and more.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has contracting and procurement activities within its nationwide network of hospitals, clinics, regional offices, Veterans benefits, Veterans Integrated Service Networks, data processing centers, and national cemeteries that require a broad spectrum of products and services. 

VA purchases a variety of its supply products and services from national, regional, and local sources.

Quick Resources
Doing Business With VA Reference Guide (abridged) and Doing Business With VA Reference Guide (expanded) are tools to help small businesses navigate the VA contracting and procurement process.

Procurement Readiness Reference Guide provides information to help small businesses effectively prepare to do business with VA.

VA Small Business Program Goals and Accomplishments highlight socioeconomic accomplishments for each type of reporting mechanism.

The Veterans Health Administration's Medical Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) program seeks to provide a reliable, uninterrupted source of medical supplies to support delivery of healthcare to Veterans.

Office of Procurement, Acquisition and Logistics (OPAL) provides outlined information and additional resources for businesses working with VA.