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The team we, e7, organized for [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 10/02/2018 02:21:30

The team we, e7, organized for Metro work product, have all graduated and moved on.  I have attempted to fund research engine "students" community college State, Local,and National.  Many are interested but the tools and workflows are very demanding. A collective VISION is the request from my National HUD partner.

Like great music, you need great musicians.  As per workshop today with Mayor of LA @toolboxla we are getting closer. (See attached image)  Also image EncounterLA team at event.

Applying diagram below to living systems we will move conversation to INCLUSION AND INNOVATION (Garcettii's Model.of LA) where the Creatives Live that define Los Angeles.

We can do whatever we REALLY WANT.  The question is how bad do we want it.

Copied on this email is Gerrard Cassillas and Mohanad Abouzid the principle Digital Artists that developed the animation for Metro and integrated next level.work for West Angeles CDC.  Along with 14 LATTC students now in industry 

Also copied on this email is partner Build + Community heading up Watts Rising Community Engagement piece.

We are hoping the larger synergetic model explained 3 years ago to Metabolic Studio will mature to align with a comprehensive vision like Grass 2 to DEEPLY EFFECT the biosphere in LA Basin. I think GeoSyntech can help with our Great Street network. 

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018, 4:14 PM Deborah Deets <deborah.deets@lacity.org> wrote:

    Tremendous renderings...and you raised so many interesting opportunities.

    Question: Can your students do another set of animations for GRASS Greenways as we discussed with Michelle and Kenneth, 
    they would come after the November election (am sure at this point)-- but become companion "greenway proposals" that would feature enhanced greening and stormwater storage & use, 
    where green replaces yellow MTA  streets?