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I am pursuing million $$ agenc [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 10/01/2018 20:37:53

I am pursuing million $$ agencies. 

i just finished writting everything below. i want to also say that i would love to spend time working on your drawings, as per our conversation. maybe we can meet up at the encounter, this thursday to work on it. i know you gave michel some drawings and sent me some digital images. so maybe you can put together the materials on a thumbdrive and we can use a computer there to review and come up with a plan? 

i have a meeting in boyle heights, which is my home town, to meet with the director about designating space, in his rather large building to do grants. for he calls his "gold standard" reputation. his specialty is in community policing. 

he is also interested in computer labs for video and more.

on another front:
i had a great time at the cequ energy sessions @ St. Thomas church on normandie that you told me about. i shared materials with Michel and would love to have time to talk about related programs and opportunities with you.

on another front:
as of today and for now i have my http://caltek.net back online. it's my own twitter with erp/crm/lms rolled into one. the discuss is what i use more than anything but i also have created pages with numerous curated videos related to mashing up reference materials.

So, I also participated in the Afro-Geek Black Speculative ArtWalk in Leimert Park, yesterday. I could become part of the global roadshow for this movement as the ICT associates. this is new on the radar with PI's at LMU and other resources in LA.

and finally, for one e-mail talking with michael rendler he feels we are getting even closer to moving from the conversation to act on projects with entanglements. those are my words....

in summary,

capacity coupled to diversity to become more aware of my perceptions and conscious cognitive dissidence in the us.

On Mon, October 1, 2018 12:55 pm, Deborah Deets wrote:
A lovely vision...Where exactly, and how are you involved?

(am sure you have earned a "Kudos"!)

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