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Crypto Robots is a series expl [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/19/2018 19:45:51

Crypto Robots is a series exploring modern robotics with hands on demos, and talks covering history, theory and practice.

In this talk and hands on session, we'll cover the following stuff:
Available Tools / CAD packages.

Material and Mass properties



CAD strategies

Differences with Professional CAD use.

Hands on Portion:


Creating and editing features


Bring a laptop with a browser, and sign up for onshape beforehand. 

Check out the resource page for the series at www.swarf.io/robotics There you can find links to the slides, eventbrite signups for future events, and links to streaming / previously recorded sessions. The slides have lots of notes, so be sure to check them out, or have them open on a laptop and follow along.