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Subject: FEB 24th. TEC LEIMERT presents 2nd Annual Conference: You're invited to hear from Industry Insiders on Technology + Entertainment = Convergence

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TEC Leimert http://www.tecleimert.com/
On Saturday Feb 24st, our Technology Entertainment Convergence Conference: TEC Leimert, will  provide attendees access to the Future of Mixed Reality, Crypto Currency, Breaking into Video Gaming, Music Monetization, Digital Branding and Wearable Fashion Technology and more, as experienced through the immersive cultural venues in Leimert Park Village. TEC Leimert is a collaborative platform, designed to help activate the Leimert Park Village, an iconic destination for African American Arts & Culture in the heart of South Los Angeles with a day long conference where urban professionals, entrepreneurs, local residents and students can engage with industry experts, thought leaders and influencers. The TEC Leimert Conference is our investment to help bring and facilitate the future of technology and entertainment to an audience ready for access to new and innovative opportunities that will help them thrive in the 21st century. 

Be sure to check the video from last year.

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A L L  I N  O N E  P L A C E
Leimert Park | Saturday, February 24 | 10am–5pm