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I’m moderate on extroversion. [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/28/2018 17:31:55

I’m moderate on extroversion.

In today's workplace, this puts me in the middle regarding this sought-after trait. Introducing myself, meeting different people and being part of a team are OK for me; I'm not perceived as shy. While I do not crave the opportunity to lead meetings or initiate contact with unfamiliar people, I can do it if asked.  My personal network is of average size. Generally, though not always, others can read my emotions and know where I stand. I’ll achieve greatest success in jobs -- such as healthcare, legal work, consumer research and quality control -- that offer a mixture of people-contact and solo activity.

Edward Hoffman, PhD, is a New York-licensed psychologist and author of many books including Psychological Testing at Work.
To take Dr. Hoffman’s Vocational Values Scale quiz, go here.
my personality assessment, circa 2006
Trait         Range         Trait
  Introverted    Extraverted  
  Candid    Considerate  
  Impulsive    Cautious  
  Excitable    Relaxed  
  Practical    Imaginative  
  Concrete    Abstract