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Last year I was given 7-10  16 [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 02/20/2018 18:38:54

Last year I was given 7-10  16gig thumbdrives to create installs from iso's. 

The is a DRAFT of what I see as a (detailed) process :
1a. Select a distro either Server or Desktop (talk about the difference and common OS and distros
1b.  Burn and iso to a thumbdrive (optional)

2.  Boot (load software to use the hardware) with the thumbdrive, talk about bios setting ie. Type F9 or F12 for boot menu

3. Verify local Wifi or Ethernet connection

4. Browse to a server, in the room, join, then log your installation. The server could be http://odoo.com with http://openeducat:org module. 

a. create session(s) (either by the hour or 1 before noon and one afternoon or one for the whole time.
5. Begin your install (work through any issues that come up) 
a. determine how long it will take to do the install.
b. browse the applications while it's installing to the hardrive or another thumbdrive (i think)

6. Browse to server  and complete the survey.

I plan to bring 4+ laptops. 

Does anyone have a server or could we get a hardware vendor to loan us a server so we can do in-room cloud server installs using http://turnkeylinux.org where we Walk them (on a sheet of paper or online) through apps categorized by:  
Content management 
Web development 
Issue tracking 

I also expect to use lean distros including puppylinux and mx17 from http://distrowatch.com