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Email below is kick off meet u [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 02/28/2018 16:40:52

Email below is kick off meet up for course on big data.  This is important part of our model.

A 16 week deep dive into Big Data.  Course Outline.  This should be a wakeup, this is data mining skills. $6650.00 out of bounds.

Tools and Processes explained.  Field titled Analytics.

Course taught by ALL USC FACULTY.  


EncounterLA BDPA (black data processor association)discussion.  MENTORS AND WORKSHOPS.

I copied this to Mr. Wells doing similar work EncounterKC with UMKC and their Choice Neighborhood through City and Envision Center .

Also Dr. Battie working on comprehensive STEAM curriculum and perma culture model.

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From: "Helen Dongyi Qi" <meetup-group-mSTBIOKy-announce@meetup.com>
Date: Feb 27, 2018 4:10 PM
Subject: [meetup-group-mSTBIOKy] 16 weeks online Data Science Bootcamp starts from March 3rd
To: <meetup-group-mSTBIOKy-announce@meetup.com>

Hey fellow aspiring Data Scientist!

Thank you so much for supporting our meetup group! It's our pleasure to announce that we have a 16 week long online Data Science Bootcamp in association with IDEAS - Int'l Data Engineering and Science Association beginning on March 10!

What makes the bootcamp really great and unique, in contrast to other programs, is that it is heavily focused on techniques and their application. All of our instructors have extensive experience in industry and education, making this bootcamp ideal for kick-starting a successful career in data science! The first 6 weeks contain 6 mini projects to solve real world problems using data. These projects focus on Probability & Statistics in R, Machine Learning in Python, and Big Data with Hadoop Hive. Other topics discussed in this bootcamp are data visualization, A/B testing, deep learning, data virtualization, and data processing using SparkSQL and DataFrame. After all of the material is lectured, the last six weeks are utilized to complete two larger projects: FinTech and Recommendation system. These projects bring everything together from the course in order to develop and execute two full data science projects from start to finish. This is great for learning about what it takes to perform data analytics in industry. For more information on these projects, see the attached syllabus. Our instructors are Kyle Polich, Jason Geng, and Peter Fennell:

Kyle is currently the host and senior data scientist of the Data Skeptic Podcast. He also is a Mentor at Thinkful, an online school that utilizes face-to-face learning to teach programming and design courses. Additionally, Kyle has practiced data science at other companies like DataScience, Instantly, and Dex One.
Jason is a senior data scientist at Data Application Lab, as well as an adjunct professor at USC teaching data analytics courses. He specializes in big data projects and Hadoop Hive.
Peter is a postdoctoral researcher at USC in statistics and artificial intelligence. He has utilized his deep understanding of math and statistics to publish top-quartile journal articles and he has also assisted companies with forecasting and optimization.
We are offering a 10% off early bird discount if you sign up for the bootcamp before March 1st! For more information, please check https://www.dataapplab.com/datascience/. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@dataapplab.com!