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William, As per our discussion [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 02/16/2018 23:56:03


As per our discussion today with Kansas City and EnVision Center regarding our geospatial model with NOMA, BDPA, and NSBE

I have put together a few links to get a common conversation regarding building a GeoSpatial Access Point to our underserved communities through HUD.

Most links relate to USC and Los Angeles, One is for Detroit.

After you review these and you see alignment with VCAP, Lets discuss.

I have copied Mr. Wyrick (Los Angeles) into the conversation since he will be coordinating some of this with NOMA, NSBE and BDPA in Los Angeles. Mr. Wyrick is Technology Director Jobs Create Peace a non profit part of EncounterLA.  Also Copied on this email is Mr. Wiley Architect who is coordinating with NOMA in Los Angeles.

Digital City and Detroit. 

Digital City Los Angeles


Spatial at USC  (document has its links)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/uerfnq27ootf8v9/spatial.usc.edu-Harnessing the Power of Spatial Thinking.pdf?dl=0

Los Angeles NE River Study funded by HUD.  (NOT DIGITAL)