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Here is where we would do the FAU smartWISE Community Coalition  - a JV between Singer Environmental and FAU EDcorp with African Unity Solutions 

African Unity Solutions will enter into a joint venture with Singer Environmental Inc.

Singer Environmental Inc. believes that the exponential growth of hardware and the “internet of things”  (IoT) will quickly surpass the non-exponential growth capabilities if the human mind. In order to take advantage of this form of technological capacity we have begun development of “wisdom based” or “Wise” models. Models which not only collect unfathomable amounts of data, but also do so at the speed of light. Then, and very importantly, the database is mined to allow the next step of decisions and action based on this “Wise” technology.

Thus the concept of SmartWisecities, SmartWisevillages, SmartWisecounties and SmartWisecountries are, by their composition, that for which we have struggled throughout the existence of time.

Singer Environmental Inc. will develop proposals for the community, helping you to assess and evaluate your strengths and opportunities to be a highly ranked SmartWise City. An incredible opportunity for you AND YOUR BUSINESS COMMUNITY. Let us explain this to you!

We lead the world in Wise(wisdom based) technology!

SmartWise cities, SmartWise villages, SmartWise states, are all technologies which we have created, developed and introduced to the world.

/s/ hershel

Hershel Daniels Junior, CCM and a
African Scientific Institute Fellow who is 
Chairman of the Friends of the African Union and the 
Chairman Emeritus of the Friends of the African Union Chamber of Commerce

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