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12:02:37 From Ajay James : He [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/27/2020 21:26:26

12:02:37 From Ajay James : Hershel your muted
12:02:38 From Carvin Eison : You’re muted Hereshel
12:19:49 From Ajay James : No google docs
12:28:06 From Hershel Daniels : IDPAD.....
12:36:39 From Hershel Daniels : https://vimeo.com/96727006
12:37:14 From Hershel Daniels : Be the Change 
12:37:36 From Hershel Daniels : Robert Lee Harris
12:47:55 From Hershel Daniels : The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.
12:52:06 From Kenneth Wyrick : https://www.allcommunitymedia.org/ACM/About/Committees/IEE_Caucus.aspx
The Inclusion, Equity and Engagement (IEE) Caucus is open to any member who wants to participate. No appointment or election is necessary. This is a caucus of the ACM that exists to make recommendations to the ACM Board of Directors on policies and practices to ensure that no individual is discriminated against within the organization. Click here to learn more about this committee 

12:56:42 From Rashida Burch-Washington : Thank you Kenneth!
13:02:48 From Hershel Daniels : Pursuing Racial Justice Through Community Media - 08/11/20
13:03:39 From Hershel Daniels : https://www.belmontmedia.org/watch/pursuing-racial-justice-through-community-media-081120
13:04:37 From Hershel Daniels : This is was a Promo for registration to attend virtual event featuring a keynote from BRIC (Brooklyn) President Kristen Newman-Scott and a panel of media practitioners devoted to the cause of making media and ending racial injustice in our communities.
13:07:25 From Hershel Daniels : Rochester will be the model for coalitions like that in Philly  https://phillycam.org/schedules
13:08:14 From Rashida Burch-Washington : Very  familiar with PhillyCam.  They’re great.
13:14:14 From Rashida Burch-Washington : https://rctvmediacenter.org
13:15:43 From Rashida Burch-Washington : https://www.douglasstour.com/
13:20:06 From Kenneth Wyrick : https://www.iso.org/files/live/sites/isoorg/files/store/en/PUB100258.pdf