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The $1T is proposed to be spen [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/22/2020 16:21:52

The $1T is proposed to be spent like this –

In Billions    Use of Funds General 2017-2117

$30    My Brothers Keeper An Native American Alliance

$20    Tribal Council Operations Fund

$10    Tribal Councils Historic Preservation Office Funding

$20    Erase the Digital Divide for Native Americans

$200    Native American Housing Program

$100    Native American Mining Program

$100    Native American Agriculture, Farm and Ranch Program

$50    Native American Health Facilities and Information Program

$60    Native American Health Care Program

$30    Native American Health Professionals Development Program

$10    Native American First Responders Program

$30    Native American Primary Schools

$20    Native American Colleges

$40    Native American Teachers

$40    Native American STEM FUND

$90    Native American Infrastructure Fund

$60    Native American Business Fund

$10    Native American Women Fund

$30    Native American Indigenous Peoples Fund

$50    Native American International Business Fund