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Ok. Let me share the heart of [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 08/28/2020 23:14:50

Ok. Let me share the heart of the domain re-directs (below)I will also post this in the caltek.net:42003there are 2 nginx instances currently, that are used for caltek.net, litli.net and tutortronics.net.
All the domains are registered onThe http://mydomain.comlogin: kwyrick   passwrd: Gaiter1990!

The above domains and picounion.net are all pointing to Linode on :443:ssh kmw@caltek.net   Gaiter1990!nginx is installed on Linode host.nginx has individual .conf files for each domain, that re-direct to Proxmox box (below) 8443for caltek.net litli.net and tutortronics.net
the reason for using Linode instead of going direct to the AT$T host AT&T has blocked port: 443 so we point domains to nginx on Linode :433 andnginx on linode points to nginx on menlo: 8443
login to menlo box terminal:ssh kmw@  passwd: king98thenlogin to proxmox pve box nginx:ssh root@  passwd:  Caltek#2019!