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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/05/2019 18:51:54

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Subject: [Open Data Day LA 2019] Recap & Resource Links
From joshua@lacounts.org
To hello@lacounts.org
Date Today 10:44
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Thank you to everyone who came out to Open Data Day LA 2019, hosted by LA Counts! It's only because of people like you that Los Angeles will continue to see real change happen through the use of open data projects in the years to come.

If you feel inclined, we appreciate any feedback you’d like to give! It’ll help us put on better events in the future. [Survey Link]

A quick recap:

We saw the power of Open Data through initiatives and projects happening around Los Angeles County. See below for resource links:
Hack for LA's Metro on Time project by Cam Sexton, Aaron Thomas, and Jose Lopez
City of LA’s Open Data Initiatives by Sari Ladin-Sienne
Street View Landscape project by Holly Torpey
Hack for LA's HelloGov project by Tyler Lippert

We also tackled a hands-on GIS and Open Data workshop, led by Bond Harper and Omar Ureta of MaptimeLA.

Finally, a big thank you to our partners Hack for LA and MaptimeLA for helping us put on this amazing and free public event. If you’d like to give feedback it’ll help us immensely and if you'd like to get in contact, send us an email at hello@lacounts.org.

LA Counts Team