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Greetings!In an effort to digi [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 10/30/2020 00:20:20

Greetings!In an effort to digitize Akinsanya's artwork with the expressed purpose of establishing a virtual museum that is referred to as the Pan African Art Museum.. Links to my un edited documentation that's online: Ordered From my first to my last.https://archive.org/details/sculptures-by-Akinsanaya
https://archive.org/details/ak-20prints-circa-1973-4  audio needs to be redone

I invite your ideas, input and considerations for how to meet our objectives.
The following information is what I was able to find, so far. It seems to be a good time to conduct such a project. Akinsanya is motivated and the Covid 19 warrants the virtualization of physical spaces w/ Artwork.

I'm hoping to get Mr. Rendler and Ms. Oliva, who both have visited and toured the collection with Akinsana to step up to participate in the planning and creation of virtual exhibit spaces that are not only innovative but contextually, cohesive modular with motifs for enhancing experiential discovery and exploration of individual and curated objects in the collection.
Please let me hear back from you.
Virtual Museum search results:
https://about.artsandculture.google.com/Partner with usWe can help digitize, manage, and publish your collection online, for free. With our easy-to-use tools, your stories can be told beautifully to a global audience.Digitize your collectionLearn more about the free digitization tools available to partners of Google Arts & Culture, including Art Camera, Museum View and Tabletop Scanner technologies.Organize, curate 
and publishShare the stories of your collection with the world through our website and mobile app (on Android and iOS). We can support you with tools for collection management, publishing and analytics.The LabThe Lab is where tech and creative communities come together to share ideas and create new experiments. Here our team collaborates with engineers, artists, curators and creative coders to help drive innovation and creativity.Learn moreExplore the collections of more than 2000 cultural institutions from around the world.https://voma.space/about-us/Visiting VOMA is simple. First viewers must install the free VOMA program onto their computers. From there, they can explore two galleriesVOMA is one of the latest examples of how museum content is going digital, joining the likes of other popular sites and apps like Smartify. Dubbed the “Shazam for the art world,” Smartify offers free audio tours from a database of more than two million artworks from some of the world's most esteemed museums and cultural institutions. Anna Lowe, the app's co-founder, says that being able to access art digitally is important, especially when it comes to reaching a global audience.
https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/worlds-first-entirely-virtual-art-museum-is-open-for-visitors-180975759/Smithsonian google search for African Art

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