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Brainstorming Solutions Analys [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 09/02/2021 08:23:30

Brainstorming Solutions
Analyse the likely hood of this problem / opportunity being most compelling and satisfying the competition. 
Check and defend your idea by doing a reality check and goal setting pre-production exercise / process. Develop feedback from students, parents, faculty and even staff. Librarians and counselors are particularly resourceful.
This was created in a form so you could create questions and solicit answers as you work through the process.

Through this process make sure to leverage school and district resources when ever possible.

Come up with innovative and simple strategies of collecting information without compromising confidentiality.  

Design / Adopt (an existing) a relational database model system connected to a website and app to:
Identify, log and assess HS Student resource needs. There may already be research you can use. Verify it with your own students. At this stage you should have enough information to create a working requirements document outline for what you will need to meet the desired outcomes for competition.

Identify, assess and catalog resources needed by teenagers in and near Watts. Outreach to existing resource providers.

Design and Create  / Adopt a user centric match making system to connect high schoolers with resources. 

Solicit feedback from and do analytics with both students and resource providers.

Publish your process and evaluate the effectiveness of your project solution.