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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 01/11/2020 03:35:47

Kenneth Wyrick <calteknet@gmail.com>
8:34 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Zainab, Josh

I so know that there are permission issue with the caltek.net. So, if you'd be willing to try and figure out the permission situation, that wold be great. But, I think there might be something inherently wrong with this instance, in particular as it relates to permissions. I have had trouble from the beginning.
Use my account which has no permission problems kmw@caltek.net  passwd: Gaiter1990!!

Let's see what I can tell you about it.
General Settings: https://caltek.net/web#id=&view_type=form&model=res.config.settings&menu_id=90&action=88

There's a default user template: https://caltek.net/web#id=3&view_type=form&model=res.users&action=65&active_id=514

I edited your user account to include the second caltek.net company (along side the CalTekNet) in the "Allowed Company"
not sure if this will make much difference but it would be good to login as you and if you still are not able to access the tasks 
then login as me and see if you see anything that might work.

I went through the many channels and added both you and Josh to them.

Sruti is working on a later version of odoo than 11 which caltek.net is using 11. There's also another odoo 11 that I installed using http://turnkeylinux.org/docs/docker option 1 at http://caltek.net:42003 which is running on the linode. It shows up in portainer but was installed from the terminal. It's still pretty fresh. I did install all the apps but have not been able to get the http://openeducat.org apps install i.e. on the caltek.net
The port 42003 is not static so I figure it could change on a reboot depending on what else get's assigned at boot time. Ideally I would want to use a sub-domain on :80 since they block access to all other ports on the school network lausd.net 

One more docker issue on the linode is the http://picounion.net:42002 which was originally setup on :80. It got changed some few months ago which has block the work that I was doing with 2 other people outside of caltek.net. Here I think I remember checking the nginx which is running on the host. Note all domains and sub-domains are point to the nginx....

Hope this is not too much information. Much of it will also be in the channels on caltek.net.

The priority is to migrate 
litli.net which is down now but the data is floating around see it's channel .LRN (I just added you and josh to it) and 
http://tutortronics.net which is ]po[ also add you and jost to the channel

all three (3) of the above need to be moved from proxmox lxc containers on the Zion box running http://turnkeylinux.org/core with a 2 year old proxmox on the Menlo network. 

When you are ready we can dive into the menlo network which includes 
two dual quad core with 16g memory + each, the other dual quad is the machine I'm on now named menlo an old ubuntu server/desktop 
a dual core running pfsense firewall as an at&t dsl network pass thru, 

I mostly access via x2go client using ssh which is the only open port besides a postgres port I open for Dominique a month ago.

It would be interesting to go through this email and see if the info is in the channels or not. If not it could even be in there twice since it's mainly text.

one other note: In the linode channel 
on caltek.net there is a network map dated March 29, 2020 in libreoffice draw and .jpg file formats. I love using draw. 

I know you chose moodle from the http://caltek.net/turnkeylinux page and if you may remember I suggest each person chooses at least 2 to work on at the same time. I think it's time for you to start on your second and maybe third application, now as you finish up on the moodle.


ps I intentionally did not include Sruti because he gives me so much grief about sharing information with others that may be pertaining to him. Every channel I added you and Josh to just now Giri was already added. He also complained about me giving him too much information. He also has given me major grief on permission rights on caltek.net major. So, that's why I have chosen to not include him on this email. If he finds out about it I'm not afraid of him and I do stand up to him but I really do not like to be hassled and talked down to about things that I'm trying to learn and do what I can.