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General Ledger and Configurable Accounting Features

Financial management solution, including capabilities for general ledger and configurable accounting

  • Supported:Accounts payable
    This includes the automation and tracking of payment to vendors and suppliers, with features such as payment scheduling, check printing, open purchase order alerts, document management, direct ACH bill payment, and vendor records.
  • Supported:Accounts receivable
    This includes the management and automation of invoices and collections, with features like statements, invoices, receipts, payment reminders, customer records, auto billing, and refund checks.
  • Supported:Global Financial Support
    Account using multiple ledgers, multiple currencies, and multiple entities
  • Supported:Primary and Secondary Ledgers
    Record and report across multiple currencies and accounting standards with primary and secondary ledgers
  • Supported:Journals and Reconciliations
    Automate and synchronize ledgers and processes
  • Supported:Configurable Accounting
    Configure accounting rules and segments for each chart of accounts
  • Supported:Standardized Processes
    Centralize financial management to facilitate standardized financial processes

Subledger and Financial Process Features

Revenue management solution including capabilities for subledgers and financial processes

  • Supported:Billing Management
    Access role-based billing work area, perform discrete and recurring billing
  • Supported:Revenue Recognition
    Comply with ASC 606 / IFRS 15 by applying standard's 5 steps to customer sales contracts
  • Supported:Cash and Asset Management
    Manage liquidity and cash requirements, asset transfers, disposals, reclassifications, and financial adjustments
  • Supported:Travel & Expense Management
    Enter expenses from mobile devices, integrate credit card and travel booking, configure policy enforcement
  • Supported:Budgetary Control & Encumbrance Accounting
    Control spending at any budget level or time interval
  • Supported:Period Close
    Sustain fast close with integrated subledgers, intuitive dashboards, embedded collaboration

Inventory Management Features

The ability to track and manage the flow of goods or materials into and out of an inventory.

  • Supported:Inventory tracking
    The software syncs orders and stock to maintain a real-time picture of inventory and supports multiple methods such as LIFO and FIFO.
  • Supported:Automatic reordering
    The software can be set up to automatically reorder a good when it falls below a certain threshold.
  • Supported:Location management
    The software can track multiple goods across multiple locations.

Order Management Features

The ability to process orders, and track them from quote to cash.

  • Supported:Pricing
    Users can set up complex and unique pricing requirements.
  • Supported:Order entry
    Users can enter an order once, and the data flows to all the necessary units such as fulfillment and billing.
  • Supported:Credit card processing
    The software facilitates credit card processing.
  • Supported:Cost of goods sold
    The software calculates the direct costs attributable to a finished product, such as materials and labor, and includes roll-up pricing.
  • Supported:Order Orchestration
    Define and execute order fulfillment processes for products as well as services on the same order.

Payroll Management Features

Provides for pay calculation and benefit plan administration, in addition to managing direct deposit, salary revisions and payroll tracking.

  • Supported:Pay calculation
    Pay calculation provides for computation of employee pay with state and federal deductions.
  • Supported:Benefit plan administration
    Benefit plan administration is administration of health insurance plans and 401k plans, and other benefits.
  • Supported:Direct deposit files
    Direct deposit is the ability to electronically transfer pay to an employee’s personal bank account.

Reporting & Analytics Features

Users can report on and analyze usage, performance, ROI, and/or other metrics of success.

  • Supported:Dashboards
    Users can create, customize and share dashboards, which provide an overview of the most important metrics.
  • Supported:Standard reports
    The software offers pre-built reports with metrics standard to the category.
  • Supported:Custom reports
    Users can create custom reports.

Customization Features

This addresses a company’s ability to configure the software to fit its specific use case and workflow.

  • Supported:API for custom integration
    An API (application programming interface) provides a standard programming interface for connecting third-party systems to the software for data creation, access, updating and/or deletion.
  • Supported:Plug-ins
    A number of third-party plug-ins are available to expand the core functionality of the software.

Security Features

This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

  • Supported:Role-based user permissions
    Permissions to perform actions or access or modify data are assigned to roles, which are then assigned to users, reducing complexity of administration.
  • Supported:Single sign-on capability
    The software system supports a centralized authentication mechanism allowing the user to access multiple systems with a single, centrally managed password.
  • Supported:Multi-factor authentication
    Multi-factor authentication
  • Supported:User-level audit trail
    User-level audit trail

Grants Management Features

Grants management solution for higher education, public sector, or non-profits with capabilities for managing financial awards for program and project funding

  • Supported:Award Lifecycle Management
    Manage the life of program funding awards from initial funding to close-out
  • Supported:Spending Control
    Track spending, control cost charges, and identify budget overspend
  • Supported:Indirect Cost Management
    Apply and report on indirect costs

Project Financial Management Features

Project financial management solution including capabilities for project budgeting, cost control, billing and contract management.

  • Supported:Budgeting and Forecasting
    Establish project budgets and forecast future project financials
  • Supported:Project Costing
    Standardize, track, and control costs at all project phases
  • Supported:Cost Capture
    Capture costs including those for procurement, financials or time and labor, including from external systems
  • Supported:Capital Project Management
    Track and manage capital asset costs
  • Supported:Customer Contract Compliance
    Associate projects or tasks with customer contracts, and lines within contracts, to meet billing terms
  • Supported:Project Revenue Recognition
    Recognize project contract revenue in line with accounting policies and regulations

Project Execution Management Features

Project execution management solution including capabilities for project scheduling, resource management, and team member task management.

  • Supported:Project Planning and Scheduling
    Interactive Gantt chart for establishing tasks, duration, and delivery schedule
  • Supported:Task Insight for Project Managers
    Project manager visibility into task progress of team members
  • Supported:Project Mobile Functionality
    Capabilities for project functions such as updating and monitoring task progress and time cards from mobile devices
  • Supported:Project Candidate Search
    Search for potential project resources by key criteria including skills, availability, and location
  • Supported:Definable Resource Pools
    Definable and hierarchical resource pools of potential project resources
  • Supported:Talent Profiles
    Global employee profiles for skills and competencies leveraging HR data
  • Supported:Absence Management
    Tracking and accounting for employee absence across project resource responsibilities leveraging HR data

Procurement Features

Procurement management solution with capabilities for sourcing, contracting, procure-to-pay and supplier management

  • Supported:Bids Analyzed and Compared
    Evaluate, compare and recommend across multiple bids in real-time using diverse user selected criteria and graphical analytics
  • Supported:Catalog Shopping E-Commerce for Employees
    Searchable, browsable catalog for employees to shop for goods and services through a consumer e-commerce look and feel display
  • Supported:Contract Authoring
    Document authoring with guided navigation, negotiation templates and productivity tools for reviews and collaboration
  • Supported:Contract Repository
    Secure and searchable contract repository leveraging standard company language components, structures and formats
  • Supported:Requisitions-to-Purchase Orders Integrated
    Create touchless purchases using purchase orders generated automatically per rules from approved requisitions
  • Supported:Supplier Management
    Broadly manage and report comprehensive supplier profiles, capabilities and performance; identify bottlenecks; balance allocations, workloads
  • Supported:Contract Renewal Automation
    Set contracts to automatically renew driven by performance parameters

Risk Management Features

Risk management solution with capabilities for managing controls, assessing control effectiveness, certifying controls, and addressing deficiencies

  • Supported:Risk Repository
    Identity, document, and manage business risks in a unified repository
  • Supported:Control Management
    Establish and update risk and controls matrix, control test plans, and instructions
  • Supported:Control Efficiency Assessments
    Assess control effectiveness on criteria such as geography, business unit, compliance requirements, etc
  • Supported:Issue Detection
    Detect and create issues as part of the assessment flow
  • Supported:Remediation and Certification
    Create and update remediation plans and certify controls

Logistics Features

Logistics solution with capabilities for transportation planning, transportation execution, trade compliance, customs management, warehouse management and warehouse workforce management.

  • Supported:Transportation Planning and Optimization
    Plan shipments across all modes of transportation via lowest costs/highest service
  • Supported:Transportation Execution Management
    Execute and track shipping orders
  • Supported:Trade and Customs Management
    Manage duties, tax rates, customs documents, and other data required for products shipped in and to specified countries
  • Supported:Fulfillment Management
    Support for multi-channel demand and execution fulfillment processes
  • Supported:Warehouse Workforce Management
    Set goals, measure actuals, and analyze productivity for warehousing tasks and activities

Manufacturing Features

Manufacturing solution for managing manufacturing processes and costs.

  • Supported:Production Process Design
    Define data for plant hierarchy, process standards, work areas, calendars and standard operations
  • Supported:Production Management
    Centralized critical status information for production supervisors
  • Supported:Configuration Management
    Capture and process customer configuration orders
  • Supported:Work Execution
    Monitor procution status, manage work orders for standard and non-standard production, enforce tight controls on serialized products
  • Supported:Manufacturing Costs
    Estimate, plan and monitor costs and variances by plant. Capture resource costs using standard, actual, LIFO, FIFO or multiple costing methods.

Supply Chain Features

Supply Chain Planning solution with capabilities for planning, performance monitoring, change responses and execution.

  • Supported:Forecasting
    Statistically forecast based on historical patterns and sales input, monitor accuracy and estimate new demand
  • Supported:Inventory Planning
    Establish projected inventory levels, monitor actual levels and compare with projected levels
  • Supported:Performance Monitoring
    Analyze business metrics and compare actual performance to plans, identify issues, prioritize demands and respond to changes

Product Lifecycle Management Features

Product Lifecycle Management solution with capabilities for innovation management, product development

  • Supported:Proposal Management
    Capture budget, resource, and benefit expectations for proposals
  • Supported:Product Master Data Management
    Create, classify, and manage product items, BOMs and product changes

Additional Features

Supported:Business Instant Messaging

Supported:Product & Price List Management


Supported:Quality Management

Supported:Mass Mailing

Supported:Marketing Automation

Supported:Website Builder

Supported:Point of Sale

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