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Fareed Khan·4 min readPandas AI — The Future of Data AnalysisImagine being able to talk to your data like it’s your best friend. That’s what Pandas AI does! This Python…Allison Wiltz·10 min readYou Want to Understand Black Americans’ Solidarity With Palestine?Black Americans know colonization when we see itAli Arsanjani·17 min readThe Generative AI LifecyclePart 2: Maturing GenAI : Patterns, Cycles and Strategies of Increasing SophisticationDogukan Ulu·9 min readData Engineering End-to-End Project — Spark, Kafka, Airflow, Docker, Cassandra…First of all, please visit my repo to be able to understand the whole process better. This project will…Mochamad Kautzar Ichramsyah in CodeX·11 min readAutomate the exploratory data analysis (EDA) to understand the data faster and…What is EDA?Netflix Technology Blog·13 min readCausal Machine Learning for Creative InsightsA framework to identify the causal impact of successful visual components.Tirendaz AI in Level Up Coding·9 min readData Science Trends & Salaries in 2023A guide to data science trends with Python using data visualization techniquesDoruk Canga in Python in Plain English·5 min readAutomated Feature Selection for Machine Learning in PythonFeature selection is the process of identifying the most important and informative features within a dataset…Aaron Master in Towards Data Science·12 min readPlease Stop Drawing Neural Networks WrongThe Case for GOOD DiagramsShari Lopatin in An Injustice!·6 min readA Jew, A Muslim, and Israel: Cracks in the WallIn light of the conflict in Israel, I’m sharing my essay on visiting Israel during the Gaza Crisis in 2009…FROM YOUR FOLLOWINGEdit who you followCausal Python: Five Novel Causal Ideas At NeurIPS 2023New exciting ideas that marry causality with generative modeling, conformal prediction and topology.Aleksander Molak in Towards Data Science·7 min readDecoding the Data Scientist Hierarchy: From Junior to Senior — What Sets Them…Shedding light on the scope of work expectations for junior, mid-level, and senior data scientistsGuillaume Colley in Towards Data Science·5 min readThe Ins and Outs of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)Our weekly selection of must-read Editors’ Picks and original featuresTDS Editors in Towards Data Science·3 min readModeling Games with Markov ChainsExploring Probabilistic Modeling using “Shut the Box”Kairo Morton in Towards Data Science·14 min readDETR (Transformers for Object Detection)Deep Dive and clear explanations on the paper “End to end detection with transformers”François Porcher in Towards Data Science·8 min read

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