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that will include triggered audio files

HTML5 geolocation geofence location detection (without geofence API) GitHub - cynici/docker-geofence: GeoServer+GeoFence in docker

10:06 PM I am so excited to find your company via osgeo Community Help. I need a strategy for using odoo 16 elearning to produce a Los Angeles Black History bus tour for youth. I have 88 locations with lat and lon. I have recorded ,ogg audio descriptions for each location that I intend to convert into text that could be edited. I would like to speak to you to get your suggestions and ideas for how we could not only produce this event but use this event to spearhead the development of a Geo for All Lab in Los Angeles that would work in conjunction with the only current lab in San Francisco. this is

Camptocamp - the Open Source IT Company

10:21 PM About GeoMapFish GeoMapFish is a web-based, extensible and flexible GIS application with many features. It offers several interfaces: desktop, mobile, administration, and others, mainly for specific use cases. An API for integrating maps into third-party applications is also available. Based on OGC standards, a GeoMapFish application makes it possible to share spatial data in the form of services (WMS-T, WFS-T, WMTS) for desktop clients (QGIS or ArcGIS for example) or for other web clients. Cartographic business applications can be built using GeoMapFish as a basis. 

GeoMapFish combines the best technological tools into one application: OpenLayers and Ngeo on the client side; Pyramid-based Papyrus for the server framework; MapServer, QGIS Server or GeoServer for map services; PostgreSQL and PostGIS for data storage; MapFish Print for printing cartographic documents in PDF or PNG format. Some projects Here is a non-exhaustive list of projects migrated or being migrated 2.7:

You can also find our demo in version 2.7 : - Cartes interactives de la Riviera vaudoise

10:28 PM Camptocamp releases GeoMapFish 2.7 | Camptocamphttps://www.camptocamp.comGeoMapFishhttps://geomapfish-demo-2-7.camptocamp.com10:43 PMcamptocamp / c2cgeoportal

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