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Leading Personalized and Digital Learning:A Framework for Implementing School Change



Innovation Centers

Five (5) step process that solves a real business challenge in the end. Using the scientific method that innovates and integrates new insights, based on collecting and share of the date in an ongoing bases.

Explore the business trends that will drive innovative success in 2018. In an age where change is so rapid, high-impact learning organizations demonstrate the ability to ask the right questions, connect innovative ideas to processes, and put them in place to make those ideas happen


Cognitive Learning - ‘Digital Evolution, Over Revolution’ | Jonathon Wright | TEDxWilmingtonSalon


In this session Jonathon will explore w hy the traditional approach to software development (DESIGN-BUILD-TEST) is transitioning and as the next generation we must embrace a new model that is selfaware (THINK-EVOLVE-LEARN).