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Community Engagement Researcher

Los Angeles, United States

Work with the administration to plan and implement a statewide relationship program that you work locally on. 

Individuals who serve as advocates for businesses, nonprofit associations, universities, hospitals and other organizations; and build and maintain positive relationships with the public.
Code TP-5900.6500-100
Definition Programs that help nonprofit organizations, government offices and other groups plan and implement a process that increases their presence in the community, develops a better awareness of their programs and services, attracts a more diverse audience or clientele and expands participation in meaningful dialogue about the issues that affect them all.

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  • Human Resources Strategy
  • Capacity Planning
  • Group Facilitation
  • Management
  • People Skills
  • Telecommunications


  • Teens
  • People 55+
  • Group


Open Source GIS Software


US + Canada Territory


S.W.O.T. Analysis

Feedback on projects

US + Canada Territory

Must Be

A Self Starter


US + Canada Territory

What's great in the job?

  • No outbound calls, you get leads and focus on providing value to them
  • You sell management software to directors of SMEs: interesting projects and people
  • Large apps scope: CRM, MRP, Accounting, Inventory, HR, Project Mgt, etc.
  • Direct coordination with functional consultants for qualification and follow ups
  • High commissions for good performers
Job Complexity:
Personal Evolution:
Variability of the Job:
Job Security:
Overachieving Possibilities:
Team / Company Size:

5 / 7 people

Planning & Skills Utilization:

5-10 hours

Project Cycle:

1-3 months

Company Growth:

Depends on you

Company Maturity:

revisit past projects

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Sharing your skills with those that need it.


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Save on commute

This is a tele-a-commute opportunity. Climate control contribution

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Open Source Software and access to resources related to a knowledge economy

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Play any sport with colleagues in gaming engines (concept)

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Sometimes provided via an expense account.