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the list as a tensegraty model [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 07/04/2018 21:43:00

the list as a tensegraty model would make a good conversation framework. there also needs to be a process for changing it, easily. it needs to be dynamically represented as to accommodate changes.

but i think we need to start as individuals that volunteer to assume leadership responsibility for introducing foci for and by consensus. 

i want to know more about who is doing what. not what a few of us is saying is what we are doing.

first off there is no reason to re-invent structure. the encounter is it's own structure. we need to foci on what already exists that we can leverage to overcome the inertia we need to be inclusive as a commons.

i'm thinking marcela has a thought or two about growing the encounter in Leimert Park, Boyle Heights brings the river, along with LATTC and Pico Union.

On Wed, July 4, 2018 2:16 pm, Jill Humphries wrote:
Hello Ken and Ezioku,

Joyce and I identified 6 foci from our meeting that we think may bring us
all together.  In prep for tomorrow's meeting, we'd like your feedback
about these 6 items as organizing principles.

*Encounters Discussion July 5th *

The 6 foci that are common across participants

Framing: *Common Elements

1. Design and cultural preservation
a. Festival Focus (Curriculum)
b. African-centered presence, African Diaspora, Sankofa,
        unapologetically Black
2. Economic development
3. Fund development structure for community investment
4. Technology
5. The ownership of land and structures that support the above
6. Health and Wellness
a. Nutrition and Homelessness

*Borrowed from 2020 Objectives


Jill M. Humphries, PhD, MPH
*A Solutions Based Consultant*
Distance Learning Professor | Africana Studies Program
​ | The University of Toledo