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SouLA TEAM, Here is curriculum [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/03/2021 17:14:03


Here is curriculum I discussed with you. SMART Citizen for our reEntry population.  


At the bottom of curriculum are links to Course Outlines.

The WATTS Rising project aligns all Public Works, Housing, and Community Building Projects to
Community Science.  The Smart Citizen (Informed ReEntry Candidate) will be able to help keep a VCAP compliance model working.  I believe this will be a big part of Measure J implementation.  https://www.dropbox.com/s/ouvlsc0x64tqzgv/153355.pdf?dl=0


2021 SECTOR /LACCD/Mayors Office/
E7 Architecture Studio
Collaboration Measure J Metric Tool

Year 1 will address 25 cohorts into the SMART Citizen program. 
This number will double every year for five consecutive years
Year 1    25 Cohorts ADDED    Total In Program 25
Year 2    50 Cohorts ADDED    Total In Program 75
Year 3   100 Cohorts ADDED   Total In Program 175
Year 4   200 Cohorts ADDED   Total In Program 350
Year 5   400 Cohorts ADDED   Total In Program 700
Year 6   0 Cohorts ADDED       Total In Program 600
Year 7   0 Cohorts Added         Total In Program 400
Year 8   0 Cohorts Added Program Concludes.
Seven Hundred and Seventy Five SMART Citizen Cohorts delivered through program.

Level 1) Entry : 1 months Courses Complete VCAP Virtual Community Action Planning

Level 2) Curious: 2 months Courses Completed Mayors office Green JOBS for the AEC Industry

Level 3) Explorer: 3 months Courses Complete MAPS Metropolitan Access Planning System
https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5qtx4ufvjsr1o2/MAPS_Complete Course.PDF?dl=0

Level 4) Inventor: 6 months Engagement Experience Application Level Development SLATE Z, Choice
Neighborhood Grant, Slauson Corridor, Jobs+ Project, Watts Rising, Los Angeles River LAB.

Level 5) Mastery: Year two County WIDE e7 Engagement Process
https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvw8u2b3ijrxucu/E7 Engagement Process -
Services and Products-rev2.pdf?dl=0