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anytime you send out a blast f [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/25/2019 14:47:58

anytime you send out a blast for event, make sure to lead with the theme. that's should become the most identifiable aspect of the event. Endangered Species. It's brilliant!
thank you for sending this out. who all did you send it to? it would be great if you'd join me in using the http://wcaec.net event schedule to work on the who, who and when.
I have not quite figured it all out yet, and we might need to do others like http://e.caltek.net and or http://picounion.net but it's time i get you and others to explore and discovery what is online and available for wcaec to learn more about the vast variety of open source, user centric, browser based, software systems.
We can point wcaec.net to any of these (above) and other running systems. I just need some help selecting which ones to use for what, because I'm the new person on the block, so to say?
but again, thank you and jackie...she rang me yesterday and i feel better when i know more about what's going on. she told me about the non-profit she wants wcaec to us, but when i asked her about the annual budget for the last 3-5yrs and  financial audit she said they did not do much in the last few years and we'd need to do an audit. we need a fiscal sponsor ie community partners to incubate our system,. we can make it a collaboration and bring those other agencies along with us since they need to be better established to compete for large scale funding.