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William, There are a number of [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/05/2022 06:42:18


There are a number of Black Architects that have leadership positions in Architecture Education.

Dr. Curry at USC https://www.dropbox.com/search/personal?path=%2F&preview=id%3AkkrCkZsWyMAAAAAAAAUjbw&query=Dr.+Curry&search_session_id=22880571253740419435132105777490&search_token=%2Bd0K7w5S6eb%2FXRMytfXxBNb0sKySojab2Kq%2FgzX6NbI%3D
Now Mr. Slaughter at Pratt Institute.


I met with Melvin Green in Las Vegas this week, a very successful Black Architect with great talent who is working with David Adjaye https://www.adjaye.com/who-we-are/ who developed the African American Museum in Washington DC.  Deep and powerful concepts.

During meeting with Mr. Green he mentioned he was working with Michael Ford who is hoping to run his HIP HOP camp in Las Vegas with help from Mr. Green. 

Mr. Green copied on this email was very gracious and walked us through his Bleutech Park https://www.bleutechpark.com/

And then Kevin Sherod https://www.forbes.com/sites/ali-jackson-jolley/2021/10/26/introducing-forbes-the-culture-50-celebrating-the-champions-investing-in-black-and-brown-success-1/?sh=12d8f92674af  https://vimeo.com/41221674

I forward you this email as we move forward with the VCAP narrative and what the nexus is between Engineering, Computer Science, and Architecture as we approach Justice 40 and what a community benefit agreement is and how we measure it.