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I understand. And thank you fo [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 08/30/2020 17:42:32

I understand. And thank you for understanding that this is tricky for me to try to work with programmers that want to do things their way.When I find myself going over and over the same things and tension rises, I will unplug. Like I said, i was on a call and I did ring you back. I answered your email, like I'm doing now and I was not sure what else I could do except to halt the operation by changing the password until I spoke to you
Going forward, I still do not know what to expect you to do since our communications are mostly via email and on the telephone. I still need to try and persist on using the systems we are installing to plan and document what we do. You are like most of the people I deal with. They use email for everything, therefore, I'm inundated with emails and it does not serve me well to try and do project management via email. 
You are helping me work to come up with a better solution for access rights management for volunteers. Starting with the next 2 volunteers I'm only giving them access to portainer. As I thought about it, last night I also need to direct each volunteer in the docker deployment of one or more of the http://caltek.net/turnkeylinux   

So, I shared my vision and current situation with you and it became a problem focusing on the existing specifics of what needed to be done. 

You and I started with mailgun.com configuration on caltek.net which I do think is configured now for sending email.
The noip and jit.si are the two applications we spoke about and you agreed to work on. 

The noip has multiple dns domains. The one I setup and the one you setup. That's not a problem. I followed your link to the nginx twice but did not know what to do with it.

The jit.si is the 3rd application we spoke about you installing. Now I thought it would be installed in a docker but since we didn't speak about where I'm not sure what's happening with jit.si and how it can be used, yet? When I asked you about it you told me to read the documentation. This is typical with programmers to point to the documentation. I understand that's how they do things. I can follow the documentation but rarely have I seen documentation that works as described. I so many cases the host version is often times not the same.  
Please let me know what you think about my understanding and then project what to do next?