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Don't Go Where I Can't Follow [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 09/15/2020 21:36:02

Don't Go Where I Can't Follow
By Daniel Salazar



Chapter 1 Beast of Burden
Chapter 2 Born To Be Wild
Chapter 3 Stole The Show  
Chapter 4 Come Together
Chapter 5 The Night Me and Your Mama Met
Chapter 6 Red Lights
Chapter 7 The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Chapter 8 Dusk Till Dawn
Chapter 9 The Night Changes  
Chapter 10 Night Began to Shine  
Chapter 11 Black Sheep V.s The World  
Chapter 12 Wish You Were Here 

JoAnn I met Danial Zalazar at the Beef Bowl. I am helping him prepare his first book for publication. I am sending you Chapter 9 to see if you'd be willing to read through and make edits and changes, then send it back to me?

After almost a couple months of only browsing his book i realized that his writing needs some pretty serious editing. I'm no export and actually do not even like doing this but I do believe in trying to help him. I have another friend working on the layout and design and I've been working with him on value added components that will incorporate branding and marketable strategies.

Candy is working on Chapter 6 and i'm on Chapter 1 now. If you'd at least take a stab at reading through it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

thank you very much.