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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/18/2018 18:41:53

From: "Jose Arellano" <bigjarellano@earthlink.net>

2018 Alumni Concert Participants,

This week in review:

Tuesday 6/19 - 5pm-9pm  Cafeteria   1st half show musicians and vocalists.

Thursday 6/21- 5pm-8pm-  Brief Dress Reh.- 1st & 2nd half.   Finishing touches.  We'll start with tunes that we haven't rehearsed, then tunes that involve all of you, or most of you, and work our way to the small group numbers.   We will finalize OPENER & CLOSER.

**We will have News coverage (Telemundo) showing up early to shoot some video and interview some of you musicians.  Spanish.  If you're interested, get there early.  They're going to start shooting at around 4:15.

*I'll leave it to your discretion if you need to show or not.  I know some of you play on few tunes, and don't need to rehearse.  I'll understand. 

••Jimmy Imperial services-  I know some of you may not be able to make it, or may depart early to attend Jimmy's Rosary, which starts at 7pm at St. Lucy's church on city Terrace.  Of course that's understandable.  Hopefully I know who you are, and attend to your songs first.

FRIDAY- SHOW  6/22/18.
CALL TIME-  6:15pm -
6:15pm quick sound-check
7:00pm group photo
7:30pm-  show time!

•Dress code:   Black pants..  Any color shirt.
•Parking-  I understand parking will be limited.  I think the area behind the auditorium will be fenced off.  The only way in will be through the front building on Mathews.  We will confirm this on Thursday when we have the dress reh.
•Tickets-  Hard tickets will be on sale at our rehearsals, in case you want to buy some, or if anybody else asks.
•Guests-  We're in debt to you for volunteering your artistry to this great fundraiser.  You can bring guests, but hopefully you'll remember it's a fundraiser, and you'll request a conservative amount if you should need to.  Again, I appreciate your contribution.  You need a comp or 2, no problem.  We'll take care of those comps on Thursday, (or Friday if we need to)

Jose Arellano '83