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while booted to wired ethernet [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/09/2020 17:50:33

while booted to wired ethernet active network
go to yast2  System  NetworkSettings GlobalOptions 
change from Wicked to NetworkManager and let NetworkManager components install

use NetworkManager tray applet to configure wifi

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020 at 9:41 PM kmw <kmw@caltek.net> wrote:
I initially installed OpenSuse with eth0 but when I booted it, in a place that I did not have ethernet I could not get it to show wifi. So, I went back to raspian.

two things, I could use help with.

Installing ms windows anything w/ http://vmix.com and

on a different chip

installing obs-studio on any raspberry pi 4 OS.

On 2020-04-07 18:20, System Servers wrote:

since 4k/60 video to dual display works correctly on only a few video cards costing four times the cost of a complete PI4 kit, l wouldn't hold my breath.
 Pi4 officially only supports 4k/30 dual and only if Bluetooth and WiFi disabled, and USB3 may have issues (4.8ghz clock). 
Pi4 supports dual 1080p/60 or 4k/60 single with working sound and Bluetooth. 5ghz WiFi is recommended. Pi4 has no separate antenna so noise from the motherboard steps on WiFi/Bluetooth. Tweaking cpu and gpu frequencies to over or under clock (config.txt/extraconfig.txt in boot) 
can help avoid interference from harmonics.
I have had one 2.4ghz WiFi issues at 720p, if the clock is at the default 600/1500 and falls to the 600mhz idle frequency I get disconnects until I wiggle the mouse and the speed jumps up (600x4=2400) so I might set minimum speed to 625? or 525?. Power management is annoying, but at least it doesn't sleep the WiFi like the realtek netcard in the optiplex. 
I did a fresh install of openSUSE XFCE aarch64 raspberry PI4 v1.5 and discovered the files are mislabeled. Sha256 hash in the checksum files are correct, xz filenames are wrong. it's because the have symlinks with the final names linked to the date labeled release files. Don't worry about it.
For this install I added some customization into an extraconfig.txt file to put into the fat partition, and added the "32bit" compatibility package. The actual loader for the pi bootloader is 32bit, so wouldn't execute in a 64 bit vm without 32bit support. 

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020, 4:20 PM kmw <kmw@caltek.net> wrote:
does audio work. i see 4k video does not play.

On 2020-04-07 15:46, System Servers wrote:

based on ubuntu 18.04 arm, for those that really wanted a Mac.
see bottom of page for docker build instructions.